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4281 Onondaga Blvd
Syracuse, NY, 13219

Phone Cell: (716) 440-2668

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7:30AM - 7:00PM Eastern Time

Services We Offer

What we do: Seat Belts

At SRS Repair, our technicians fully rebuild your broken / fired-off seat belts back to "new" working order. Our technicians use OEM parts to fully restore your belts. All the belts that we work on are in 100% working order once we return them to you. We fully test each belt before returning the belt. Safety is our business!


What we do: SRS Modules

Our computer specialists at SRS Repair remove "crash data" that is stored on the SRS module during an accident. They program new code onto each module, and each module will be in perfect working condition.

Rebuild Seatbelt
Full seat belt rebuild using OEM parts. Please note: We do not work on belts that have been tampered with.
SRS Module Reprogram
Why spend hundreds of dollars on new SRS Modules when we can reprogram your existing one and save you money
Clockspring Repair
Dont buy a new clockspring, we repair your damaged clockspring using OEM parts to like new working condition.
Why pay full price for the following SRS System services when you can get them here for a fraction of the cost. We are here to save you money. Purchase our services with confidence. We have many satisfied customers, we would like you to become one as well!

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